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Introduction to Mosby's Nursing Skills


Mosby's Skills


Standardizing the way clinical and practical skills are taught, learned and administered


Designed to meet the nurse education and training needs of healthcare organizations today, Mosby’s Nursing Skills combines a powerful reference product with convenient competency management system functionality to form one comprehensive resource.


Mosby's Skills offers nurses and nurse educators convenient online access to evidence-based skills and procedures. Content has been adapted from authoritative nursing resources with insight from leading nursing societies, and is continuously updated to reflect the latest in evidence-based practice.


Over 1,000 skills are featured within specialties such as Critical Care Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Pediatric Acute and Critical Care, Maternal / Newborn, Mental Health, Neonatal, Perioperative, Oncology and more.

   Key Partners
    Skills endorsed by AACN

 Mosby's Skills
Perform skills and procedures with confidence

    Perioperative Skills developed in conjunction with AORN
    Special Edition developed for ENA
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